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What was the last thing you threw away?

A paper bag? Some plastic wrap? A straw? A single use plastic fork? A t-shirt that you never actually wore? Leftover pizza?

It has been estimated that the beautiful people that populate our great big beautiful planet dump around almost 2 billion tonnes of not-so-beautiful waste every year.

As Aussies, we're pretty good at generating waste. And when I say "good", I mean BAD! On average, our country generates around 2.7 tonnes of waste per person, per year.

Let's put that into perspective...

A tonne of bricks is around 350 bricks. So, 2.7 tonnes is 950 bricks. That's about the same weight as the tongue of a blue whale. Or six grand pianos. Or 8500 human hearts...

Ok, that got weird!

In Australia we recycle about 90% of all metals and 60% of all paper and cardboard. However, we only recycle about 12% of our plastic waste.

We've got some work to do!

The good news is there are solutions...

One group of scientists In Australia recently created spring-shaped nanotubes that can degrade microplastics. Another international team of scientists accidentally created a mutated enzyme that's super great at digesting polyethylene terephthalate (the plastic used to make many bottles). And US Army scientists have been busy using aluminium-based nano powders to turn urine into a clean burning fuel!  

In this award-winning show, the Trash Can Man takes all sorts of trash and turns it into scientific treasure – creating unexpected moments of scientific wonder that squeak and scream, squirt and splash, float and fly... and then bursts into flames!

Along the way, you'll discover all sorts of facts about junk and litter, waste and detritus, refuse and rejectamenta.

But (and we need to make this VERY clear...) This Show is NOT Rubbish! It may be full of rubbish, but the show itself is definitely NOT rubbish. At least, we hope it's not? I guess that's really up to YOU to decide...


"Reduce, reuse, recycle", plastics, microplastics, biodegradable materials, compostable materials, alternative fuels, alternatives to plastic, Cartesian diver, pressure differences, cohesion, adhesion, which materials should be put in which kerbside (and other) bins, the Bernoulli effect, the science of sound, hydrogen combustion, and SO MUCH MORE!  

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