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We have a trash problem here on planet Earth...

...and we need to talk about it! 

Join the Trash Can Man as he turns trash into scientific treasure – creating unexpected moments of scientific wonder as he playfully examines all those things that humans tend to throw away.

What was the last thing you threw away? Could you have reused that thing? Recycled it? Or maybe used it to do some amazing science? Expect all sorts of odd surprises as the Trash Can Man experiments and plays with all sorts of rubbish – that unexpectedly squeaks and screams, squirts and splashes, floats and flies... and then bursts into flames!

“Educational, engaging and entertaining, Trash Can Man takes your ordinary household rubbish, reuses it and turns it into scientific treasure… It’s super exciting and a show for young and old — it’s definitely not rubbish.”

4½ stars – Natalie De Nadai, The Advertiser.


Image by Jilbert Ebrahimi


Debuting at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival, This Show is NOT Rubbish! won two awards:

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Sustainability Award 2019

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe, BankSA Best Children’s Event, Weekly Award 2019

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