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For Teachers...

Thanks for making a booking for This Show is NOT Rubbish!. The Trash Can Man can't wait to visit your school and perform his rubbishy little show for you and your students.


Below you will find some brief notes designed to make our visit to your school as successful as possible. Please take a moment to read these thoroughly — and then get in contact if you have any questions.

Below these notes, you'll find a whole stack of resources to share with your students (including PRE-VISIT and POST-VISIT videos) that help expand your time with our program beyond the live show... 

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On the day of our visit, we will need a couple of things from you:

  • An indoor performance area

    • such as school gym, activity room, double classroom or similar space (or as discussed with you)

  • Access to electricity during the show

    • we will supply our own extension cords

    • all electrical equipment is tested and tagged

  • Access to water prior to the show (to prepare and set up some of our demonstrations)

Your presenter (David Lampard) will arrive at your school approximately 45 to 60 minutes prior to the commencemnet of the first show. Please ensure that the performance area is immediately available at this time and free of students / classes. Also, the closer we can get our vehicle to the venue the better!

PLEASE NOTE: A smoke machine is used for one demonstration. Only a small amount of smoke is generated. Also, a small amount of water is splashed about during the show (most of which is caught by a rubber backed mat). If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in contact.



The resources outlined below have been created to extend the positive educational (and fun!) outcomes of the Trash Can Man's visit to your school. These online resources (including videos, blogs and activities) expand upon the themes and ideas explored during the live show, provide talking points for classroom discussion, and include suggestions for STEM-related activities that you can try out in class (or that students can try at home).   


The Trash Can Man can’t wait to visit your school…


In this fun video the Trash Can Man introduces both himself and his show – letting your students know what they can expect when he visits and unpacks his bins. He’ll also share some fascinating facts and figures, and then ask you a few important questions…



What did you learn…?


The Trash Can Man threw a lot of rubbish into a whole stack of different bins during his show – but can your students remember which thing should be thrown where? This video includes a great big fun game of “Which Bin?” – to test everyone’s memory…


Continue the rubbishy adventure…


Our live show is just the beginning of a much bigger rubbishy adventure. Trashy’s ever-expanding web series rummages through bin after bin in an ongoing quest to turn TRASH into scientific TREASURE! Also along for the ride is Trashy's mysterious friend, the "Thing in The Bin"...

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Now it’s your turn…


Want to dive a little deeper into some of the facts, figures and ideas presented in our web series? Then have a click through these pages! We’ll be creating a page for each episode, including articles, links to more information and instructions for some super science activities that you can try at home!

What We Need From You
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